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Welcome to an Elite community of Individuals from all corners of the world, where innovation is our forte and
improvement is our game.
Where every day is another race towards excellence and leveling up.
Where it’s all about maximizing your results in all aspects of life, and navigating the world with Purpose.
A place you can network with Top tier individuals, and learn what most people don’t know, in order to live a life
most people won’t get to live.


Brand new,
fully independent platform

Upgraded interface, easier to navigate,
more centralized content

A New Library of
never-before-seen videos, uncensored.

Custom video requests
are now available


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Meet in person, network, train with exceptional individuals striving for greatness
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Enter The Hero’s Tour on a snowmobile ride through the wilderness and isolated
Mountain locations.
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Travel the Open Seas towards hidden coves, secluded beaches and unique
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Visit Isolated retreats, for a weekend spent among other like-minded individuals
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It doesn’t really matter the level you are operating on, as long as you are progressing.
The High Performance Community is all about leveling up, so the speed at which you do that may vary, but making no progress in any sector will cause you to get kicked out.

A subscription based model makes it more accessible to those truly interested, regardless of income, which might be also affected by location. So Instead of a lifetime access fee, the only available payment method for now is subscription-based.

Since High Performance is a state of mind that can be applied to all aspects of life, there is
no angle that gets neglected. From Income and Networking, to Fitness and Dating. It
revolves around the core concept of reaching your Full potential, and maximizing your efficiency as a Person.

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any given time, no strings attached.

All prior knowledge will be revived, some of the content will be merged to form extended-
format videos, while certain elements will remain unaltered. Nonetheless, all of the content will be re-filmed instead of simply being digitally remastered.

Since Most of The Q&A sessions were conducted in Greek, at some point they might get
translated and uploaded too, but not for the time being. Although there are plans to incorporate new Q&As in the future.

The more formal events will require a good amount of time for the Private Network to
solidify in terms of members. And that is, so to avoid the timewasters who will go in and out
of the community just out of curiosity, and not really being committed to the cause.

The Hero’s Tour is a truly exceptional Top-Tier event, which will undoubtedly offer a one-of-a-kind experience, held once or twice a year at the highest level



Special Discounts

35% for all Courses across platforms and Requested Videos, plus special discount rates for Collaborations.

Private Uncensored Forum

Connect with Top Shelf Men leading Purposeful lives.

VIP Access to Private events and meetups

Meet in person, Network and Collaborate with Elite Individuals.

Premium Video Library

Exclusive, never-before-published videos, that go deep in the subject of High Performance, from a Scientific Cross-disciplinary approach

Remastered Knowledge

All videos from previous courses, and all content posted in the old community will be remastered, and uploaded in the new platform

Personalized Content

A new library of custom content in the form of coaching videos that members requested

Throughout history, no man has ever become important alone.

Genghis Khan and Alexander The Great did not conquer half the earth by being "Lone Wolfs" or "Sigma males"

All exceptional individuals were always surrounded by a tribe of other men sharing their vision, and forcing each other to level up.

The men that will never settle and will never quit. The ones that didn't just participate in this world, they shaped it.

And now, you are presented with a choice to be part of those writing history.


  • Basic salary
  • Depression
  • Type II diabetes
  • Addictions to escape reality
  • No Legacy / No honor to your name
  • Memes and tik tok reels
  • Unrespected by society
  • Sexless marriage
  • Netflix and chill


€24.99 /month
  • Never-Before-Heard-of Secrets
  • All High Performance Courses Included
  • Become a weapon of Sheer Will and Efficiency
  • Network With Top Level Individuals Chasing Excellence
  • Living a Significant Life
  • Access to Private Events and Meetups / Hero’s Tour
  • Zero Wokeism / Political Correctness
  • Special Discounts
  • Cancel Anytime

Your “friends” keep talking about a great life, success and wealth, yet are failing to make any progress. They are just talking without doing shit. Nothing important ever happens. They are not living a significant life, and never will. They will keep fantasizing about fast cars and expensive yachts hoping for a miracle.

You have to make the choice: either ditch them and make progress, or allow yourself to be dragged down, slowly turning into an old miserable unfulfilled corpse of a man, wondering what you could have achieved. If they want to destroy their lives it’s their choice, but what you do with yours is up to you.

Join the Elite Community of high performing individuals and see for yourself how much of a difference the right environment makes.


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